S C I N T I L L A   X   N O R M   M I C R O   R O A S T E R Y
13 - 15 March 2020 | Penang, Malaysia
Kitchen takeover at Norm Micro Roastery.
QUINOA & KALE SALAD with pistachio, pickled onion, sultanas, fried cauliflower, mint, parsley, brown rice, shaved cucumber, pomegranate, avocado, hummus & yuzu dressing 
SMOKED SALMON ON SOURDOUGH TOAST with lemon cream cheese, cucumber-capers vinaigrette, dill & red radish
SMOKED CHILLI JAM SCRAMBLED EGGS with thick cut bacon OR roasted mushroom, parmesan cheese, coriander, spring onion, crispy curry leaves & fried shallot on sourdough toast
CHICKEN KARAAGE BURGER with lettuce, Sriracha mayonnaise, cabbage, celery & sultanas slaw on brioche burger bun, served with house-made thrice-cooked wedges & paprika-rosemary salt
CREAMY SLOW-COOKED MUSHROOM ON SOURDOUGH TOAST with onion mousse, crispy enoki, pickled onion & poached egg
SPICED PRAWN, CLAM & PUMPKIN RISOTTO with shimeji mushroom, crispy sage & Grana Padano cheese
SO FRENCHY SO CHIC TOAST (Cinnamon-nutmeg French toast) with coffee custard, mixed berries compote, white chocolate pistachio shard, whipped cream cheese, strawberry, orange and crushed peanut candy (Kong T'ng)