S C I N T I L L A  ( T H E  P O P - U P   C O L L E C T I V E )   
X   Y O U N G E R  B R O T H E R
20 May 2018 | Melbourne, Australia
$65/pax | 7 course tasting menu with wine pairing option (+$25)
KINGFISH CEVICHE with pickled watermelon rind, chilli oil, onion, sweet potato & crispy enoki
STUFFED ZUCCHINI FLOWER with spiced beef, whipped yuzu ricotta & chives
SAUTÉED SQUID with harusame salad, sesame dressing, dried calendula flower & nori taco
SOUS VIDE HONEY & THYME DUCK BREAST with red cabbage purée, twice-cooked baby beetroot, baby king oyster mushroom, duck jus, sweet alyssum flower & jalapeños mascarpone
SALTED CARAMEL GOAT CHEESE with pickled apple, pistachio & lime granita
CHOCOLATE FUDGE with chocolate shard & chocolate sphere